We provide more than just chemicals—we provide custom resolutions based on your exact needs.

Operators Unlimited can custom manufacture polymers and defoamers for both water and wastewater treatment, addressing any condition you may encounter in your system. When it comes to our chemicals, we primarily blend and manufacture our own formulas while also sourcing commodities from trusted partners. From your clarifier efficiency to your aeration basin foaming, we can help.

  • Flocculants (dry and emulsion): Flocculation treatment chemicals assist in the solids/liquid separation of suspended particles in solution to improve clarification, flotation, and solids dewatering
  • Coagulants (inorganic, organic, and specialty blends): Treat water for suspended solids removal by neutralizing the negative electrical charge on particles
  • Defoamers: Surface tension reduction and bubble-wall destabilization products eliminate foam in boilers, cooling towers, and effluent systems to ensure smooth operating conditions
  • Metals Precipitants: These are expressly formulated to break chelating and complexing rings and precipitate metal ions from a variety of industrial process wastewaters
  • Commodities: Using products like lime and calcium chloride, commodity wastewater chemistry traditionally costs less per pound than its specialty counterparts
  • Other Chemical Support: Operators can help with all of your chemical needs, including boiler, cooling, and reverse osmosis antiscalants, corrosion inhibitors, dispersants, and biocides

Whatever your need, Operators Unlimited will design recommendations to transform your processes, equipment, and chemicals for the long-haul.