What is a Chemical Feed or Dosing System?

In typical wastewater treatment processes, there are typically several opportunities to introduce chemicals into the system in order to achieve the desired treatment goals.  Chemical feed systems produce automated chemical injections into the chemical feed tank for wastewater treatment. Chemical feed or dosing systems release a precise amount of chemicals to keep a consistent product in the water for effective treatment.

Problems Your System Could Face If You Have Poor Chemical Control

If a chemical feed system is improperly designed, you could face several issues including permit violation issues, increased operational costs, increased maintenance costs and additional labor costs. Your plant could potentially overuse chemicals, thus contributing to safety issues, waste and create a system performance issue. An issue in performance can lead to more repairs and the need for replacement parts. As a result, your plant could suffer downtime with consequences for the entire manufacturing facility. From wasted chemicals to permit violations, operational efficiency can be controlled and maximized through proper chemical dosing. Therefore, the design and implementation of a quality chemical dosing system that will release the perfect amount of chemicals for your exact wastewater treatment needs is an essential component of your treatment facility.

How Operators Unlimited Can Help?

Operators Unlimited specializes in the design of and components used in chemical feed systems. Our engineers understand your waste stream makeup and the specific components that play a significant role in allowing an operator to adjust flow, pressure and calibration to achieve repeatable optimal performance. With our help, you can keep your plant running efficiently.

In addition, we sell parts including pH and ORP (oxidation-reduction potential) controllers; custom automated metering pump skids for coagulant, flocculant, defoamers, metal precipitants and polymer flocculant make-down systems. Have a question? Ask an Engineer or Operator or Request a Quote for your upcoming project.