Metal Plating Company Commissions Operators Unlimited to Complete Wastewater Facility

Operators Unlimited offers services to help plants get started, and to continue their success.

In 2017, a world-wide metal plating company hired Operators Unlimited to commission and train their operators in a brand-new wastewater plant based locally in South Carolina. OU began the process of building upon this facility’s existing design to better optimize its overall function. This process included commissioning new equipment and assisting in the development and writing of their process sheets, as well as updating their permit with the local POTW.

Phase One:

Facility Assessment and Project Scope

A large part of setting up a wastewater plant is identifying any existing issues and ensuring the facility is prepared to operate efficiently and have the knowledge to continue compliant operations going forward. During the start-up process Operators Unlimited discovered flaws in the existing design of the plant, specifically that it was not designed to meet permit requirements.  With consistent client communication and development of customized chemistry, OU was able to help remedy these incompatibilities and get the plant up and running.

We recommended a quick, reliable solution so that the plant could operate according to regulations and with optimized results. During the process, OU consulted with the customer’s environmental team and worked with them to update their permit and ensure the environmental soundness of their solution. OU’s chemistry expertise and experience resulted in a minute change in process, but resulted in a significant impact, achieving and maintaining compliance. The process changes also ensured the plant would run at optimum levels.

Phase Two:

Implementing Environmentally Conscious Solutions

Operators Unlimited was also able to offer this facility engineering support. A member of our engineering team evaluated the process and developed an equipment list for their lab. With environmental parameters and optimizing efficiency in mind, Operators Unlimited recommended a collection of equipment to benefit the facility. After communicating these needs to the customer, we procured the equipment and setup an on-site lab to support their operational needs.

After working through these challenges, this facility had a stable foundation to build upon. For a plant of this size to maintain a minimal environmental footprint, it requires not only environmentally conscious chemical processes and wastewater recycling equipment but also staff to effectively manage these systems. To ensure that the plant was in good hands, Operators Unlimited trained a new in-house operator for the facility, and successfully handed the keys over to him.

Phase Three:

Ongoing Support

After the initial start-up and training processes were successfully completed, we have maintained communication with this facility and its staff. This long-standing relationship allows us to provide any needed services to ensure the company’s continued success. Over the past 4.5 years, we continually offer operational support and staffing, chemical treatment and optimization, engineering services and educational services. Other support tasks we provide include vacation coverage and technical support.

Operators unlimited has helped this plant grow and adapt by providing them with customized solutions with sustainable action plans.

If you are looking for an efficient, experienced, thorough, environmentally conscious team to assist your new or existing wastewater plant contact Operators Unlimited today.