Operators Unlimited Hires Ed Fritz as Wastewater Process Engineer and Project Manager


Operators Unlimited has recently hired Ed Fritz as Wastewater Process Engineer and Project Manager. Throughout his extensive career, Fritz has gained an all-encompassing level of experience in nearly every aspect of the wastewater process including his formal education in chemical engineering and bioengineering, along with his diverse onsite experience. During this time, he has become adept at a broad range of essential skills such as detailed design, process design, data analysis, research and development, project management, construction administration and even gas utilization. His experience in both municipal and industrial wastewater processes gives him a well-rounded view of the system from beginning to end.

When asked how he will be able to help all kinds of customers, whether they are industrial or municipal, Fritz says; “I’ve touched all sorts of parts of the plant, so I’ve seen and done major design work on most of the major process trains. My formal education is in chemical engineering and bioengineering and so there’s not much in the way of chemistry and biology that I have not seen or don’t have some sort of experience with. That puts me in a position to support any kind of customer regardless of what their issues are.” The extensive municipal processing experience that Fritz has directly relates to the value of his work in the industrial applications of his career. He mentions that through his municipal background he has also been exposed to processes that are essential for industrial clients.

As both a Wastewater Process Engineer and Project Manager, Fritz uses his experience and interpersonal skills to problem-solve with our clients to create cost effective and time efficient action plans for any challenge that may arise. He is invested in his work, and truly takes joy in what he does to create well-developed plans for every one of our customers. His broad knowledge of the industry and attention to detail have already led Fritz to become an invaluable member of the team.

“We are very thankful to have Ed Fritz join the OU Team. Ed will serve as Project Manager to the Engineering arm of our company and work closely with our Sales team to help bring transformation to our customer’s facilities through projects. Ed brings years of experience in water treatment and a tremendous attention to detail to our company. We want to help our customers have a better day and Ed will be a big part of doing just that through our project work,” said Ben Fields, Operators Unlimited President.

Fritz Attended Clemson University, receiving a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering, and a Master of Science in Bioengineering.