What is Industrial Wastewater?

The process of taking an industrial facilities’ wastewater and making it clean enough to discharge to a local waterway or sewer authority. During the wastewater treatment process, contaminants are removed from the waste stream using a variety of system processes. The process chosen is based on the types of identified contaminants and budget of the facility. Each industrial facility is issued a permit that guides the cleanliness of the effluent water including what contaminants you take out and to what levels.

Physical/Chemical Treatment

Involves one or many different unit operations in combination. Including primary treatments such as screening and grit removal, settling, flotation, pH neutralization, coagulation and flocculation and tertiary processes such as media filtration and ion exchange.

Biological Treatment

Biological wastewater treatment is a process that degrades contaminants dissolved in effluents by the action of microorganisms.

Combination Treatment

When an industrial facility uses a combination of physical, chemical and biological techniques to remove any remaining solids and contaminants from the industrial effluent.

Chemical Treatment and Optimization

Operators Unlimited supplies water and wastewater chemicals, for both industrial pretreatment and municipalities. We primarily blend and manufacture our own formulas and source commodities from trusted partners. Need a custom blend to tackle the unique challenges facing your wastewater plant? Operators Unlimited provides our customer partners the ability to achieve predictable wastewater operational efficiency, compliance and cost predictability.

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Operational Support and Staffing

Operators Unlimited understands the challenges of recruiting and training wastewater operators. We train and supply operators for a variety of plant types and needs. Operators Unlimited provides our customer partners the ability to achieve predictable wastewater operational efficiency through licensed operational staffing, technical support and project management. Operators support both Industrial and Municipal wastewater operational needs.

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