Wastewater Treatment System Design, Build and Project Management

Operators Unlimited can take your industrial wastewater treatment stream from characterization to concept to compliant discharge to POTW or can isolate steps in between to fully optimize your system’s potential.

The OU team can fully design and automate your custom wastewater plant with unit operations including:

  • EQ/Surge Tank
  • Chemical treatment tanks
  • Clarification
  • Dissolved Air
  • Flotation
  • Media Filtration
  • Membrane filtration
  • Deionization
  • Effluent flow monitoring
  • Solids Handling and Sludge dewatering (plate and frame filter press, belt press, screw press, centrifuge)

Operators Unlimited offers turnkey solutions capturing all aspects of a wastewater build project or redesign including sampling and plant-specific state regulatory compliance approvals to begin plant build or project construction.

Design/Build Services Infographic

How OU’s Design/Build Services Can Help You Achieve Plant Efficiency and Compliance, No Matter the Project Type

New Builds
  • Operational cost savings
  • Chemical cost savings
  • Equipment cost savings
  • Maintenance cost savings
  • Compliance Consistency
  • Operational cost savings
  • Process issue evaluation and problem-solving
  • Technology and Equipment Evaluation
  • Lab Studies
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System Evaluation
  • System Analysis
  • Process Analysis
  • System enhancements and recommendations
  • Project Management
Undersized Solutions
  • Site Survey and system analysis
  • Process plan developed and solutions implemented
  • Optimize plant performance
  • Prevent shutdowns
  • Routine audits of process performance

Chemical Treatment & Optimization

Cost-effective chemical supplier and custom designed blend resource, resulting in compliant effluent with safe impacts on your company and community. 

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Operational Support & Staffing

Achieve predictable wastewater operational efficiency through, licensed operational staffing, technical support and project management. Need an operator of record, relief staff or full-time operators or a more full-service solution with OU managing your entire wastewater plant? Reach out to discuss our staffing options.

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Operators Unlimited can supply all your wastewater equipment needs. From chemical feed systems to tanks and clarifiers, contact our technical sales team for a quote.

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Engineering Services

Controlling the cost of wastewater treatment while meeting regulatory obligations can be complicated. Operators Unlimited engineers specialize in identifying creative solutions for our clients’ wastewater challenges and utilize the most advanced technology to turn facility problems into cost saving operational solutions.

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