Managed Care Program

A Total Outsourced Option for Plant Managers

Operators Unlimited understands the unique challenges of wastewater and the importance of customized treatment plans, on-going maintenance and the challenges of finding qualified operators to manage your wastewater plant. These reasons and numerous others, have plant managers turning to OU for complete outsourcing of wastewater operations and maintenance.

Operators Unlimited supplies licensed operators, engineering services and chemical specialists to fully support wastewater operations. The benefits of receiving one invoice for the wastewater plant, increasing your ROI, combined with the peace of mind of a reliable, compliant system process make the managed care program an obvious choice.

Operators Unlimited handles everything from plant operations, chemicals and solids disposal to sampling, analysis, reporting and regulatory compliance. All resulting in the freedom to focus on your primary business.

Benefits of Managed Care Program Infographic

What OU’s Managed Care Program Can Help You Achieve

Cost Reduction
  • Operational cost savings
  • Chemical cost savings
  • Equipment cost savings
  • Maintenance cost savings
Regulatory Compliance
  • Baseline monitoring reports
  • Self-monitoring reports
  • Sampling program
  • Process issue problem-solving
Operational Efficiency
  • Preventative maintenance program
  • Trends monitored and responses initiated
  • Compliance maintained through experienced, licensed team
Continuous Improvement
  • Optimize plant performance
  • Process plan developed
  • Routine audits of process performance
  • Implementation of process safety plan
  • Implement current plant safety protocols
Management and Maintenance of Assets
  • Implement preventative maintenance program
  • Work with on-site maintenance team to mitigate areas of concern

Chemical Treatment & Optimization

Cost-effective chemical supplier and custom designed blend resource, resulting in compliant effluent with safe impacts on your company and community. 

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Operational Support & Staffing

Achieve predictable wastewater operational efficiency through, licensed operational staffing, technical support and project management. Need an operator of record, relief staff or full-time operators or a more full-service solution with OU managing your entire wastewater plant? Reach out to discuss our staffing options.

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Operators Unlimited can supply all your wastewater equipment needs. From chemical feed systems to tanks and clarifiers, contact our technical sales team for a quote.

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Engineering Services

Controlling the cost of wastewater treatment while meeting regulatory obligations can be complicated. OU engineers specialize in identifying creative solutions for our clients’ wastewater challenges and utilize the most advanced technology to turn facility problems into cost saving operational solutions.

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