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Providing Wastewater Operational Efficiency, Predictability and Peace of Mind.

Clarifying Industrial Wastewater

Operators Unlimited provides quality water treatment chemicals, expert wastewater treatment options, and wastewater contract operations.

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The Wastewater Experience OUR CUSTOMERS NEED.

Delivering The Efficiency Our Customers Want.

Our team understands effectively treating wastewater can be challenging. We work with our customers to solve their chemical, operational and mechanical wastewater problems. We assist our customers with their pretreatment processes to meet and often exceed permit requirements.

Chemical Treatment and Optimization

Operational Support and Staffing

Engineering Services

Wastewater Compliance Solutions


Educational Services

New Service:

Wastewater Compliance Solutions

Operators Unlimited is committed to both the success of our customers and the reduction of environmental impacts of local wastewater facilities. We offer Wastewater Compliance Services to assist our customers with vital compliance tasks including:

Completing SMR/DMR/DFR / Permitting Services / Mitigating Noncompliance Issues

Making a LASTING IMPACT on our:

Company, Community and Environment

Operators Unlimited is a humble company that values company culture. Our team members approach their work with humility and a mindset to put others before themselves. Not only does the Operators Unlimited team transform water by removing contaminants, but the team also strives to create transformative outcomes for our clients and the industry. All while creating lasting impacts on the company, community and environment.

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Chemical Testing & Solution Development in Enigmatic Wastewater Process

As businesses operate and progress over time their treatment processes are bound to change. Unfortunately, some elements of treatment fail to evolve in step with these changes. A loss of insight across iterations can create costly problems, leading to unnecessary steps or chemical inclusions that no longer serve a beneficial function to the overall process.

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Its meaning to us spans from the literal (transforming water by removing contaminants) to the figurative (in transforming our industry and creating transformative outcomes for our clients). But at the end of the day, it all boils down to making a lasting impact on our COMPANY, our COMMUNITY and our ENVIRONMENT.

01. Act with Agility

Agility is our superpower: we fearlessly embrace challenges, and strive for efficiency without ever sacrificing quality. We push ourselves to exceed the expectations of our customers and to think quickly on our feet. Flexibility is the key to our shared success.

02. Pursue Growth

Growth is more than a goal — it’s a mindset. Whether we are striving to grow professionally or to cultivate our relationships, education and interests, we know that continual learning and improvement is key to a fulfilled life.

03. Own Your Responsibility

Integrity benefits everyone. Make a mistake? Take ownership and work towards a solution. Foresee a problem? Lean on the team. We trust our people to do the right thing, and value accountability. Above all else, we say what we mean, and do what we say.

04. Live with Thankfulness

Gratitude is the fuel that keeps us going each day. Our team thrives when we approach our work with humility — and a mindset to serve others before ourselves. After all, we are here because others put us first. And for that, we are thankful.

Careers at OU

Operators Unlimited offers not only exciting career and growth opportunities, but also a special team and sense of place. Do you thrive in a fast-paced, collaborative environment? Do you want to help bring a refreshing approach to wastewater treatment and help revolutionize the way people think about the industry? If so, Operators Unlimited may be the right place for you.