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Providing Essential Training and Educational Opportunities to Wastewater Operators

Operators Unlimited understands the challenges of not only recruiting wastewater operators but also providing the necessary training and continuing education opportunities for ongoing employee development, growth and success. We work closely with our customer partners, both industrial and municipal industry colleagues, to provide these essential educational elements needed for predictable and compliant wastewater operations.


As a service to our customer partners, Operators Unlimited offers training through job shadowing and on-site instruction. This training has been developed to not only review wastewater fundamentals but also help develop the skill sets of less experienced operators. From solids removal and determining optimal chemical dosing to chemistry needs and safety, OU training can be customized to meet customer needs. Our training classes can be scheduled by contacting our Education Specialist David Collyer for additional information.

Upcoming Events

Wastewater Operator Continuing Education Event
Tuesday, April 18th & Wednesday, April 19th
University Center of Greenville

Course content satisfies the SCLLR (South Carolina Labor Licensing Regulation) requirements for 12 biennial continuing education credits.

Wastewater Operator Continuing Education Event

In-person, event hosted by Operators Unlimited
$100 for 2 Day Event
April 18th-19th

Event Date/Time and Location:

April 18-19, 2023 / 8:30am – 4:00pm

University Center of Greenville
225 S. Pleasantburg Drive
Suite A-7
Greenville, SC 29607
Participants will earn 6 hours of continuing education credits per day attended for a total of 12 continuing education credits.
  • Participants may choose to attend one or both class days.
Cost: $100 for 2 Day Event or $50 Per Day

Event Agenda:

Topics to be covered:

  •  FOG (Fats, Oil & Grease)
  • Solids De-Watering
  • PreTreatment Inspection / Documentation
  • Wastewater Math
  • Sampling / Lab Report / SMR
  • Remote Monitoring/Controls
  • Bridging the Gap between Industry & POTW
  • Bench Top Study
  • Wastewater Documentation
  • Chemical Feed Pumps
  • Coagulation and Polymer
  • Solids Dewatering
  • Lab 101
  • Wastewater Sampling
  • Safety
  • Wastewater Mathematics

Primary Instructor:

David Collyer – Wastewater Operations and Education Specialist

Having spent the past 30 years working in wastewater, safety and environmental positions, David understands the specialized skills and perspectives needed to efficiently operate a wastewater treatment plant. Over the course of his career, David has worked in both industrial and municipal facilities and has an advanced level of knowledge regarding the intricacies of both physical/chemical, biological and combination treatment systems. When David is not in the classroom, he spends his time training and mentoring his team members and customer partner employees, as well as developing effective solutions for Operators Unlimited customers. 

David earned an Associate of Science Degree in Hazardous Material Technology and holds a South Carolina Class A physical/chemical wastewater license and a South Carolina Class A biological wastewater license, as well as a Georgia Class 1 license.

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