In our recent article discussing polymers for wastewater treatment, we told you a lot about how wastewater treatment polymers work, but obviously there is so much more to know about polymers.  Operators Unlimited provides three main categories of emulsion polymers used as flocculants. These products are classified based on the charge of the polymer’s ions.  These three main categories are Anionic, Cationic, and Non-ionic.  An Anionic Emulsion Polymer carries a negative charge.  A Non-Ionic Emulsion Polymer carries a neutral charge.  While a Cationic Emulsion Polymer carries a positive charge.  The kind of charge is important so as to help aid in flocculation and depends on the charge of the wastewater.  OU 9200 is our most widely used Cationic Emulsion polymer for wastewater treatment.  (For more on polymers and their use in wastewater click here)

Our customers use OU 9200 successfully in several different industrial wastewater pretreatment applications.  One particular application where OU 9200 is used, is in wastewater that is generated from a local specialty chemical manufacturer.  At this customer, their wastewater first flows through two aeration basins where activated sludge biomass removes pollutants in the water. The pollutants are converted by the biomass into more desirable forms of carbon, nitrogen, or phosphorus.  The activated sludge is then sent to a Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) process where the goal is to separate the clean water from the biomass and return the biomass to the activated sludge basin.  OU 9200 is diluted inline and fed on a continuous basis to the sludge in order to flocculate it before it reaches the DAF.  The sludge is conditioned into floc particles by OU 9200.  The OU 9200 creates a very strong floc particle that floats to the top of the DAF and is thenwastewater operator observing coagulation using polymer skimmed away by a paddle on top of the DAF.  The clean water then flows out of the DAF and out of the wastewater plant.  (For more on flocculation see our post entitled: How are flocculants used in wastewater treatment)


This is just one way that OU 9200 has been used successfully.  We utilize this product at several municipal and industrial wastewater facilities for flocculation and sludge dewatering.  OU 9200 works quickly to help separate solids from liquids in belt presses, dewatering bags and centrifuges.  If you need help with your wastewater, contact us to find the best solution for your organization.  You can click here to have one of our specialists contact you.