Wastewater Operator

As one of our clients recently commented, “it is a continuous challenge for me, not only in hiring but keeping, qualified and quality staff for wastewater operations.”  We find this to be a common theme in wastewater treatment operations.  With many licensed wastewater operators aging out of the system and retiring, combined with not enough young people entering the profession, there is quite a shortage of experienced operators.

You may have experienced this problem in your organization.  Or maybe your challenge is only having one licensed operator and your operator is stretched too thin or over-worked.  And what happens when your operator is sick or needing a

Wastewater Operator

vacation, etc.  You can’t just shut down the whole plant or wait to run wastewater when he or she returns. You need an alternative solution and fast.

This is another area where the expertise of Operators Unlimited can help bring you peace of mind.  We have over 300 combined years of experience working with waste water and can provide relief or other contract operational help for your organization.  We have operators licensed in all levels of wastewater treatment in North Carolina, South Carolina, as well as in Georgia.  This includes both Physical Chemical and Biological wastewater treatment operators with experience using various technologies.

Operators Unlimited offers a full range of wastewater operations staffing services that can keep you in compliance and efficient.  We can fill in on a part-time basis or provide a full-time operator that is on OUR payroll.  If it is an Operator of Record service that you need, we are a trusted source for providing thorough inspections and complete records.  We can even provide consulting for your operation, as well as training for your existing personnel.

If you really want to eliminate your wastewater headaches, we can develop a Complete Managed Care program for your organization, where we can operate every aspect for you.  This includes providing operators, operator of record, chemicals needed, small equipment and supplies, etc.  All this is included in one custom price for your situation.  One size does not fit every organization and no two organizations have the same wastewater treatment process.  That is why you need a partner to really understand your business and propose economical and efficient solutions.  We just want to help make a better day for you by taking away your wastewater worries and headaches.

To speak to a specialist about your wastewater operational support needs click here or call 864-228-1131.