Fabrication, Machining and Electroplating Facilities Require 24-Hour Managed Care

This summer, the Operators Unlimited team began a second project with a current fabrication and metal plating customer. The customer needed wastewater operations to support their full-service fabrication, machining and electroplating facility that builds and delivers OEM equipment to the aerospace, agriculture, industrial, marine, transportation and electrical industries. This project requires six operators to manage full-service wastewater operations for the customer’s two facilities.

Phase One: Addressing the Problem

The metal plating and fabrication company needed a team of wastewater professionals to ensure their wastewater facilities are currently and remain in compliance with local regulations and their permit requirements. They also needed Operators Unlimited to implement new compliance solutions and manage their two facilities. The customer had previously worked with OU on projects including the design and build of a control system that fully operates one of their facilities, as well as chemistry solutions for their facilities. Once again, the customer reached out to the OU team for this large-scale managed care solution.

Phase Two: Implementing the Plan

Within 30 days, OU was able to have six of our operators running the customer’s facilities, fulfilling the promise we make in our core values to “Act with Agility.” To help the company reach its goals of permit compliance, OU created a plan to improve its operational efficiency. The two facilities in our current project have the permitted capacity for 864,000 gpd of wastewater flow at one location and 200,000 gpd at the second location. Ultimately, the customer needed OU to supply their plants with licensed operators to run their facilities twenty-four hours a day. OU currently provides a total outsourced wastewater solution for the owners and managers.

OU operators perform tasks onsite for the wastewater plants that are crucial to the environmental safety, permit compliance and efficiency of their facilities. These tasks include chemical application, sample testing, technical support and compliance reporting of wastewater levels leaving the plant. With the OU team, the company is now able to meet permit requirements, increase efficiency and overall reduce the environmental impact of their wastewater facilities.

Phase Three: Ongoing Support

Since July, the OU team has helped these facilities become more organized in their daily operational duties, remove ineffective shortcuts from their processes and increase efficiency resulting in permit compliance all while serving their customers with confidence. During our time with the customer, we have built a relationship that allows us to implement solutions that offer peace of mind. We look forward to continuing this relationship as they expand their facilities’ capabilities in the future.

To learn more about Operators Unlimited’s managed care program, visit our website or contact us with questions.

Overview of Operators Unlimited’s Managed Care Solution

  • Licensed operators and engineering services
  • Chemical specialists to fully support wastewater operations
  • The benefits of receiving one invoice for the wastewater plant(s)
  • Increasing your ROI, combined with the peace of mind of a reliable, compliant system process