Operators Unlimited Increases Water Capacity at Plastic-Coating Facility Through Reverse Osmosis Installation

Operators Unlimited has partnered again with a longtime customer seeking to increase their clean water intake by adding a second Reverse Osmosis system to their facility.

Project Scope

In Summer 2022, Operators Unlimited completed an expansion project for a Tier 1 automotive body parts supplier that works with plastics and plastic coating. Due to the high standard of quality their customers have come to expect, this company requires the water they use in their manufacturing process to be more pure than the water provided by the city entering the plant.

Before Operators Unlimited completed this clean water filtration upgrade, the facility had the capacity to filter 10 gallons of water from the city each minute. When the need to increase capacity arose, the company was able to rely on their established partnership with Operators Unlimited. The updates Operators Unlimited implemented allowed the customer to increase the facility’s clean water intake from 10 gallons filtered per minute to 30 gallons filtered per minute, more than doubling capacity with a singular facility upgrade.

Operators Unlimited was able to provide hands-on support throughout the entire upgrade process from initial need assessment to the final step of equipment installation. Thanks to the expertise of the professionals employed by Operators Unlimited the company was not required to allocate additional budgeting for third party contractors, proving once again how Operators Unlimited is an economical, all-inclusive service provider.

Step 1: Addressing the Need and Assessing the Facility

OU engineers began by assessing the companies’ needs for a greater volume of water intake filtration capacity. This assessment included reviewing the current filtration capabilities, outlining parameters for increased capacity within budget limits and an in-person visit to the facility to determine the best location for the new systems.

Step 2: Solution Evaluation

After determining the scope of the project, the Operators Unlimited team provided the best products for the facility’s new system requirements.

In this expansion project, Operators Unlimited determined that an additional Reverse Osmosis system would result in the most economical and efficient engineered solution for increasing water intake capacity. Notably, within the reverse osmosis system Operators Unlimited integrated an ultraviolet light system. This non-additive biocide alternative ensured that water processed by the filtration system would meet the high standard of clarity required by the facility.

Step 3: Installation

The Operators Unlimited team values quality service from start to finish. This is why, after designing and ordering the system, they returned to the facility to carry out installation themselves.

Operators Unlimited is prepared to support our customers’ water or wastewater needs at any stage in their operations. Our team of specialists is here to answer any questions. To get started on your upgrade project, contact us. To learn more about Operators Unlimited engineering services, visit our website.