Wastewater Automation


Recently I completed a minor kitchen renovation that made a major difference to the look and feel of a kitchen.  It was a simple upgrade that only involved painting the cabinets and replacing the associated hardware.  A small investment of money and a little time made a world of difference.  While this upgrade did not involve technology or automation, still a little change made it appear new.


Wastewater automation

Just as a small upgrade can make a kitchen like new, a small upgrade can make a big difference in your wastewater treatment plant.  Consider for example the benefits achieved by adding small automation upgrades.  Wastewater automation can help increase efficiency, cut labor costs, and in the long run reduce costs.


Operators Unlimited has specialists that can evaluate your wastewater treatment system and propose upgrades that can increase efficiency, cut costs, and even allow you to monitor your system remotely. Take for example our recent equipment and controls upfit to the waste plant of a local beverage manufacturer.  This change helped update their technology so all of their process information and controls would be right at their fingertips and also provide the ability for remote monitoring and alarming.  What was once an outdated facility, now operates more efficiently with modern technology.


Besides the benefits listed above, there are many other potential benefits to automation and technology upgrades for your facility.  Just a few of them include boosting plant efficiency, limiting labor, and even increasing capacity.  Other benefits can include lowering both chemical and energy usage, more complete diagnostics, and overall better access to data.

At Operators Unlimited, we know that a one size fits all approach to wastewater treatment rarely works in our industry.  Let us help you solve your wastewater issues.  Consult with one of our experts before you are led down the road to an expensive capital expenditure.  We might just be able to find a better solution for you at a fraction of the cost.  A simple upgrade may be the answer.  Then again, an upgrade might not even be needed.  Our specialists might be able to help just by proposing a change in your chemical use.  But not all solutions are that simple.  You may never know until you talk with us. After all we are not in the business just to sell you something, but to help you have a better wastewater day.