Wastewater contains particles that must be removed or separated in order to clean it. But this is easier said than done. The suspended particles in wastewater will remain suspended unless their negative charges are neutralized. A negatively charged particle will repel another negative charge, thus the particles will not stick together and will remain in suspension.

This is where coagulants come into play. As one of the first steps in wastewater treatment, coagulants are added to neutralize the charge of the suspended particles. Once the charges have been neutralized, the particles begin to stick or clump together forming slightly larger particles called microflocs. At the same time the water surrounding the clumping particles begins to become clearer.

To speed up and improve this process a mechanical mixer of some sort is used. This begins the cleaning process but larger ropes of particles have to be formed in order for them to be removed. In our next post we will present this next step which is referred to as flocculation. Operators Unlimited provides #coagulants, #flocculants, and many more products and services to assist in your #wastewater operation. Contact us today.