According to the National Lime Association, Hydrated Lime (also known as Calcium Hydroxide) has been used in wastewater treatment for over 100 years. Hydrated Lime is one product that is processed from the raw materials manufactured from Limestone or Dolomite. This product is very helpful in wastewater treatment processes for many reasons.

Warehouse workers with hydrated lime

Since hydrated lime is very alkaline it is a very suitable agent to help adjust the pH level of acidic water. It raises the pH level by neutralizing acids, while at the same time precipitating various metals into recoverable solids by helping to capture more trace metals than other chemical agents. When hydrated lime is used along with an elevated temperature in wastewater, it can actively kill some bacteria and germs. This in turn can help clarify the water as well as reduce odors. Because of these reasons and others, hydrated lime is an excellent product to use to stabilize sludge and condition activated sludge.


One last benefit to note about hydrated Lime is that it is a much less expensive product than other materials such caustic soda and it is also safer to handle.  Some of the clients we provide this product to include chemical manufacturers, adhesives manufacturers, carpet manufacturers, and others.  Contact one of our experts to help you with your product and/or operational needs.