Ed Fritz Named Chair of WEF Solids Separation Subcommittee at Residuals and Biosolids Conference

Operators Unlimited is proud to announce that Ed Fritz, Wastewater Process Engineer and Project Manager, transitioned from Vice Chair to Chair of the Solids Separation Subcommittee at the WEF Residuals and Biosolids Conference in May 2022. He will serve as Chair from 2022-2024.

The Chair of Solids Separation Subcommittee Offers Valuable Insight

Ed has been a part of WEF since 2009. His selection as a leader in the subcommittee was based in part on his technical aptitude in thickening and dewatering process. His involvement in the organization gives him insight into every aspect of the wastewater process and allows him to stay on top of current events in the world of wastewater. As a part of this organization Ed is also able help other wastewater professionals grow in their own fields in return.

Ed’s involvement with the Solids Separation Subcommittee provides customers of Operators Unlimited access to some of the nation’s top thickening and dewatering experts. The subcommittee is composed of members from a variety of backgrounds including operations, consulting, manufacturing and academia. This gives the Operators Unlimited team members regular educational opportunities and enables us to better serve our customers. As Operators Unlimited considers options for our customers our involvement with the Solids Separation Subcommittee helps provide holistic solutions for specific wastewater needs.

Why is the WEF Solids Separation Subcommittee Important?

The Solids Separation subcommittee falls under the umbrella of the Biosolids and Residuals committee and is dedicated to sharing industry knowledge of integral aspects of wastewater processes. The subcommittee is challenged with providing educational circles where young professionals in the wastewater industry and academia can network and learn from experienced wastewater professionals and bring new ideas to the world of wastewater.

As Chair, Ed is looking forward to facilitating the growth of upcoming wastewater professionals by creating new educational materials with the team and organizing monthly meetings and webinars. He is passionate about making these materials accessible to better the understanding of solids separation throughout the industry. The diversity of disciplines throughout the subcommittee allows the group to support one another. Ed shares that one of his goals as chair of the solids and separation subcommittee is to “pass down industry knowledge from one generation to the next.”

To register for the Biosolids and Residuals committee, the parent committee of the Solids Separation subcommittee, visit the WEF website.

To learn more about Ed Fritz’s role at Operators Unlimited, visit his featured post on our blog.